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A move to the Pacific Northwest won`t stop the bad jokes
A move to the Pacific Northwest won`t stop the bad jokes

Reviewing the draft fouls

by Geoffrey Stein on August 24 2009
The NFL regular season is right about the corner, and drafting season is in full swing.

Unfortunately, many league drafts will be plagued with draft fouls: eight don`ts that put a damper on what is supposed to be the highlight of the Fantasy Football season.

For the good of all involved, it is highly recommended that one avoid these eight draft fouls from seasons past.

Draft foul No. 1: Drafting injured players
The name explains it: don`t draft injured players.

Not everyone is an expert drafter, that`s fine, but it isn`t that hard to sign online the morning of a draft to brush up on the latest injury news.

Those who fail to check the latest injury report leave their league mates in a bad spot when an injured player is selected: do they say something or do they stay quiet?

The answer is easy for those in online money leagues -- where there`s a profit to be made, most times from faceless strangers -- keep quiet and make plans for the cash.

The real problem, however, comes in leagues played amongst friends.

Do you tell John that his second-round pick is out for the season? Or do you let John find out the hard way after the draft?

Sure, John was in the hospital for most of July after donating a kidney to a homeless nun, but this is Fantasy Football. No excuses. Right?

The moral of the story: it`s best not to leave it up to your friends to make the right decision.

This draft foul especially hits home for those who unknowingly used an early selection on Minnesota Vikings RB Michael Bennett in 2003 and Houston Texans RB Domanick Davis (Williams) in 2006.

Bennett and Davis had the potential to live up to their second- or third-round draft status, all the magazines said so, but there was one problem: they were injured. And not just injured, quietly injured.

Many missed the news that Bennett`s foot injury was coming along slowly. They were rewarded with an eight-game season that produced one score.

Even more missed the news that Davis` knee injury was far worse than originally let on.

The one-time stud was placed on injured reserve on Sept. 3, 2006, days after most drafts were completed, and hasn`t stepped foot on a field since.

A simple visit to one of the fine news update sites the morning of the draft could`ve saved Bennett and Davis drafters from a season of pain, taunting and blowout losses.

One simple click could`ve saved them from committing a draft foul.

Draft foul No. 2: Quoting the T.J. Houshmandzadeh commercial
We`ve all seen the commercial. It was funny the first time.

We`ve all had someone quote it at a draft. It was funny the first time.

Now, three years and countless quotes at drafts later, the "T.J. Houshyamama" commercial has been played out.

It`s time to move on, and find new material to make league mates chuckle. May I suggest Carrot Top`s latest set?

So when the newest Seattle Seahawks WR leaves the board in Round 3, please don`t refer to him as "T.J. Houshamazilla".

If you add Houshmandzadeh to your roster, please don`t scream out "championship".

And for the love of all things sacred, if someone busts out "T.J. Houshmazode", don`t laugh. It only guarantees a repeat of the tired act at next year`s draft.

Draft foul No. 3: Using all allotted pick time as a strategy
There are many strategies in Fantasy Football such as going against the grain and drafting a WR in the first-round or waiting to select a QB.

Using all allotted pick time for every selection, however, isn`t one of them.

What advantage does writing down a selection then waiting 45 seconds to announce it offer?

Maybe one of your competitors will fall asleep?

Maybe that third bowl of chili will cause Doug to make a mad dash to the bathroom and miss his pick?

Maybe someone will assault you for taking too long, be arrested and miss the remainder of their selections?

The reasoning why one attempts this strategy is unknown, though one thing is clear: it only annoys league mates and offers no competitive advantage.

Draft foul No. 4: Looking ahead to Weeks 15 and 16
We`ve all heard it: "I would`ve drafted (enter player name), but his schedule is brutal come the Fantasy playoffs."

Or, "I may have overdrafted (enter player name), but he has a favorable schedule for the Fantasy playoffs."

Week 15 kicks off on Thursday, Dec. 17; Week 16 kicks off on Friday, Dec. 25. That`s roughly four months away.

The Fantasy Football season kicks off on Thursday, Sept. 10. That`s less than three weeks from now.

The bad thing about drafting for Weeks 15 and 16: your team has to get there first. And if you don`t draft the best team for Weeks 1-14, there`s a good chance the awesome playoff matchups aren`t going to mean much.

Draft the best squad for Sept. 10 -- it`ll be here sooner.

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